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About this seminar

Throughout this seminar we will depart from the term open source and move from there in different directions. We will read, discuss and do exercises together, to dive into the histories of open source, free software, open licenses and artistic practices that evolved from it, that started to work with forms of copying, versioning, piracy, collective authorship, open access, etc.

Recently however, there is a shift of interest to be noticed in Free / Libre and Open Source culture, where the politics of openness are morphing into discussions rooted in the politics of organisation. We will develop small research projects that depart from these questions, subjects and methodologies.

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About this wiki

During this seminar we will use this wiki as a online collective writing space, to store the research, work-in-progress and materials that will emerge in the coming months.

We use a specific type of wiki software, called Mediawiki: a tool for collaborative reading, writing & sharing. As we will work around the subject of open source tools and culture, this wiki serves as a hands-on experience of creating and documenting research, discussions and projects in a collective manner.

Note to ourselves: this wiki should keep space for organized confusion :D, trial and error, ...

Also: Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man. (Henry Adams)

an in-progress-progress

More information can be found here: About this Wiki




This wiki is part of the seminar Open(?) Source(?) at the HfG Karlsruhe, which took place between October 2020 and February 2021 in the middle of the Corona pandemic. We met every second Wednesday online and interact with the wiki page, hardly knowing each other offline – only online.


Manetta Berends
Marie Faass
Jannik Lang
Marc Bendt
Manu Hauschild
Marisa Gaab
Leonie Felber
Hanna Franke
Saskia van der Meer
Laurine Haller
Dario Schmid
Angeliki Diakrousi
Artemis Gryllaki
Cristina Cochior
Lídia Pereira

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Digital environments

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Our rooms, chairs, tables? since that is where we are physically interacting with.

Initiated by

Ivan Weiss & Michael Kryenbühl (tutors of Kommunikation Design, HfG Karlsruhe)


The materials on this wiki are licensed under: GNU Free Documentation License.

The content written by the User:Manetta on the wiki is published under the Free Art License (copyleft, feel free to reuse and give it a stretch!).

Question: does the school hold copyright over material that is produced in seminars?


How far do we go?
Do we thank the Chinese workers who built our Laptops, allowing us to participate?
Do we thank the African miners who mined the minerals necessary to produce our technology?
Do we thank the Earth for producing those minerals in the first place?
What about the privilege of having time+means to study?