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Render everything? - unknown artist

Session 01

There is an elephant in the room

This is not just about replacing one toolset with ‘fairer’ ones, although it is part of it obviously. It is first of all about taking time to foreground processes that tech-giants want us to stay out of sight.

Awkward Gestures

Adobe’s out-of-the-box packages are certainly powerful but as they can be customised only superficially, the wish to ‘make a difference’ starts to become an argument to choose for a more active engagement with software.

[…] software does not merely determine the boundaries of visual expression. Because it is constantly present, it conditions our practice in terms of division of labour, vocabulary and the physical relationship with the digital medium. Our choice for a different toolset is therefore as much related to ethical as it is to aesthetic considerations;[…]

When we consider software as culture, it is perhaps possible to drop the rhetoric of master and slave, and we can begin to think about how ‘competence’ can mean more than ‘control’.

Whether it’s the result of a lack of attention or the outcome of deliberate choices, moving between these programmes reveals the culture of it’s developers, it’s technical construction and development history. At times this can be destabilizing but more often it is inspiring, as it constantly reminds us of the cultural aspect of software production.

Software examples:


Blender is a rendering software. Even though I have experiences with some other render softwares I didn't ever have a look on Blender yet. I tried to render pretty basic stuff with it and tried out its basic functions. Like many other render softwares blender ist not super simple to learn and i even think it's a bit heavier to handle than most of the other render softwares I know. Anyhow I managed to produce something, which you can find nearby.

Photo 2020-11-09 14.28.51.jpg


- creates nice images

- offers many options (even most of the advanced stuff)

- well optimized for exporting the creation (f.e. to a gaming engine)

- software can be customized in nearly any way


- the interface is not very accessible for newbies; takes a lot of time to work with

- images don't feel "natural" optically (simple basic renderer)


During my research for this seminar I overused my PC a bit and I felt like it was a good idea to find a Software, which shows me the core temperatures of my CPU. Well "CoreTemp" is what I found. It did the job I supposed very well.

Core temp.png


- simple and nice access by clicking the icon

- works fast

- gives you many informations (f.e. min. and max. value)


- looks a bit boring

- needs heavy rights in the PC-system, otherwise it won't work

- works only with windows


This is another example for a software I found during the research but not particular for the research. This freeware is supposed to recover lost data on your PC or hard disk. I wanted to recover a hard disk that fell to the ground but it didn't work out. Frustrated I started to look out for the other functions of the software and this is what I found.



- doing simple things also works simple on the interface

- works as a solution for many storage problems (if I trust the forum)

- needs no "technical" knowledge of the user


- looks a bit boring

- doesn't really make clear what it exactly does