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09.12.2020 --- MASTODON

link to motodon - useraccount /
link to the pad with the exercices

Laurine and I invented the instance

09.12.2020 --- FEMINIST SERVERS

GEEK FEMINISM WIKI -- timeline of incidents
link to the geek feminism wiki
What is ubuntu?
'a Linux distribution, and an open source project'
many happenings on the topic are listed in the order of time
interesting, but many istitutions or persons are unkonwn for me

/ETC -- Eclectic Tech Carnival
link to the /ETC site
'selfmanaged Feminist Hacker Assembly'
very interesting articles and you can imagine how the last festival went in Athens in many spaces
would like to join for the next one, to see what's going on there
NOTICE: In Germany CCC between Christmas and Newyear!

06.11.2020 --- FLOSS PROGRAM

SPARK AR -- face filter program
link to the program
experience: easy to use, uncomplicated, funny, free
the negative parts are: is linked to facebook, from facebook
opinion: it works very well on the laptop, simulates the filter immediately and it is easy to handle, really cool to work on a facefilter :)
video and link to the facefilter test is coming soon!

03.11.2020 --- FLOSS PROGRAM

VISUAL STUDIO CODE -- code editor
link to the program
experience: there are many tutorials in the internet, how to work with this code editor together with wordpress. I linked a new site to the program and could easily set up my own theme, edit all files and get any help from a big forum
opinion: really nice!

LOCAL -- simulates a server
link to the program
experience: is linked to the same wordpress website, you can stop and start the site as you want, it is linked to the wordpress dashbord, sign in with an account you made before
opinion: great!

28.11.2020 --- INTRODUCTION

Constant (2019) –– link to the text
capitalist values in the free services
Terms Of Use, take a closer look on what they want us to give and don't let us know
Quit Facebook, Google and replace with Free, Libre and Open Source tools like Ubuntu, duckduckgo

Femke Snelting (2008) ––link to the text
OSP Open Source Publishing, sharing all the design and sources
role of software in the creative process, digital tools
Adobe CC is the most common "Although a streamlined process might be faster, it runs the risk of everything looking the same in the end."
not only rich people should afford to use a software! go for alternatives and open design to all, begin to use it in school teaching not only with the Adobe

fonts at