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I'm Laurine Haller (06.03.1996 DE), a German Graphic Designer, currently studying at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. My focus is on social and research-based work between the interface of design and architecture. I draw my motivation from my environment, the space I live in and translate this into my design. My current interest lays in the development of future architecture and urban planning. Further, I’m fascinated by urban gaps and their reusability or their interim use. At the moment I feel like we need to find alternatives to our conventional and norm based buildings, through creating alternative living spaces, especially considering the increasingly, overcrowded cities and not being subject of the Gentrification. Is it a refugee accommodation or my own Sharing Community Apartment. For me as a Designer it is important to design my environment, as a tool, to communicate with my surrounding and as a citizen of a city to identify with it. I question our current rules and standards and point out how it could be done differently. Website (in revision)

...whatever else I run into: @laurinehaller

Thoughts & Notes (in Open Source Font Certegeska by OSP, but it is shown italic, idk why!... Font may always change :))

  • collective infrastructure


  • Openess?, freedom?, hierarchy?...
  • aren't there always borders of usability to maintain order and control?


  • Architecture as a tool of Communication
  • Navigation and structure of Information

Mi 28 October 2020
"free software is an ethical imperative, essential respect for the users' freedom."
Free Software Song, Richard Stallman

Found this helpful Tool to check if programms are F/LOSS here

Ants working collectively
Me on a walk thinking about what aspect of Open Source Software I find interesting...while observing ants working collectively.

Mi 11 November 2020
3 F/LOSS tools (I think to review something correctly you have to use the FLOSS tools for a longer term!) Still trying out...Atom and Blender.

OTHER FLOSS I want to try:



QUESTIONS FOR ME (But maybe also for everyone, "Two heads are better than one.")
Questions to the Structure of the Page or the Navigation:

  • Does the Update of the page start on top or at the bottom?
  • How to structure the Userpage to make it clear for the User. Just one Mainpage or more then one page.
  • What kind of Character do I want to have for this page? (personal Notebook, Newsletter, Informationpage...)

Questions for Coding the page:

  • How to change the color of the decoration link? (text-decoration:none doesn't work, decoration-style?)
  • How to place a picture or a block or text right, left, in the center? (align: center? position?)
  • Is it possible to code a hover button?

Questions to my Coding for my Userpage :

  • Why is the font Certegeska italic, but it's not codet italic?

Questions to my Coding for my linked page "2. FREE DOES NOT MEAN OPEN SOURCE":

  • Is it possible to upload a mp4 Datei? Unfortunately it didn't work.

Quote of the Day:
"The human hand is human because of what it makes, not of what it is." – André Leroi-Gourhan

(Book: are we human? notes on an archaeology of design by Beatriz Colomina & Mark Wigley)


I performed the work of the linking Bot, which was fun!


  • Can the use of Floss also be seen as a Statment of the User?
  • "a diversification of tools is necessary"
  • Mastering the tools ans having a diversity of it is necessary.
  • Not being a slave of the machines by having the economic ownership of machines and resources instead also knowing and having the technical mastery."
  • owning ≠ mastering
  • software as language or software as culture (Body=Open Software?)
  • visibility, transparency (making mistakes visible)> Conversations


  • instrument, material and medium
  • "Software is the artwork and its code is an integral part of it."


  • Is there a way to customize my Layout for my needs or do I have to stay in the Layout of the Wiki?
  • Would a secondary Page an Option or also recording my Progress to show the changes?

Question of my Day:
"What is the purpose of this page?"
– Me

I didn't make it to go through the Feminist hacking practices, because I could't see my Computer Display anymore, but I will still do it!
Feminist hacking practice

Donna Hardaway, Situated Knowledges The Science Question in Feminism and the Privilege of Partial Perspective

How can we imagine a design field beyond the frameworks of individual portfolio's, entrepreneur-ism and competition?
How can we instead imagine different ways of working, ones that are not rooted in individualism but instead based on collective frameworks? How would that work?
What forms of collectivity/togetherness/clustering/... can we fantasize about? And what methods can we work with?