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About TEXMM:

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Group: Manu+Marc
Name of the instance: TEXMM
Software: pixelfed ???
Theme/Topic: Textures and NormalMaps and HeightMaps
Scale: infinite
Code of Conduct? Yes

Does your instance have a Code of Conduct? If yes, what is the main need for it?


- the content should be limited to legal content.
- some political topics should be excluded. (to keep focused on the content of textures)

Are there clear mechanisms for conflict resolution and for proceedings in the case of the violation of community rules?


- important to be uncommercial (f.e. people which try to monetize the network get excluded)
- no shitpost
- constructive discussions are wished (concerning the topics)

What is the purpose of your instance (e.g. training, communication, conversations, discussion, education, sharing resources etc)?

- it consists of 3 parts
//forum for discussions
//texture marketplace
//texture generator

- all parts get constantly updated/ adapted to the needs by the community

How will the upcoming costs be covered?
- At first the server costs will be covered with user donations
- As a second point we can (in exchange with special users) gain and sell expert knowledge in topic of textures, normal maps and 3d Object design