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Name of the instance:
Software: Mastodon
Theme/Topic: communication-platform for the HfG
Scale: less than 500
Interface: Changes developed together with the graphics-team of Sozial&Durstig. custom-interface.
Code of Conduct?: Yes, at least according to the HfG-positioning (Excluding racism, sexism, etc.)

Highlights of your discussion:

  • The HfG-members need an alternative way to communicate with each other. Not just Emails.
  • Connecting to Sozial&Durstig-Project (which currently strives to establish a communal offline-space in school)
  • Connecting to other initiatives at the HfG like intertuesday or
  • Server lives in the Cafeteria-Space
  • realizing that Hanna & Marie are doing the same in the pad
  • doing it anyway

17.12 flyer.jpg