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Link to the pad:


Form groups of 2/3 to work together. Make your own proposal for a new instance within the Fediverse.
In order to draft/create your proposal you can use several means, such as text, drawings, sound etc. Use what feels best for you to express and communicate clearly your proposal.

Use these questions to guide your discussion and decision process. Feel free to leave comments about the questions, invent your own, etc.
At the end, fill in the Presentation Form. Create a wiki page with your presentation form and your design! Link it to the main wiki page.



  • Does your instance have a Code of Conduct? If yes, what is the main need for it?
  • Are there clear mechanisms for conflict resolution and for proceedings in the case of the violation of community rules?
  • How are you making decisions in your instance? (decisions like installing new features, writing a Code of Conduct etc)

i.e. Do administrators decide alone? Do they consult with the users of the instance? etc.

  • Are you blocking any instances? Why? (e.g. alt-right instances)


  • Does your instance have a specific theme/themes or is it more generalistic? (Themed servers)

  • What is the purpose of your instance (e.g. training, communication, conversations, discussion, education, sharing resources etc)?
  • To which degree do you want your instance to foster a tight-knit community?
  • How inclusive and diverse is your instance? In what ways? How do you promote this?
  • Is your instance public (i.e. everyone can join), semi-public (i.e. everyone can apply), or private (i.e. only people with invitations can join)?


  • To what extent does the server of your instance rely on relatively environmental-friendly energy sources (wind energy, solar power, tidal power, wave power, geothermal energy, biomass and waste energy)?
  • To what extent does the network rely on other infrastructures? (e.g.: Internet Service Provider, Domain Name Servers, Virtual Private Server, etc.)
  • Are you going to buy new hardware or re-use/recycle old one?
  • What will happen with hardware that needs to be trashed?


  • How do you pay for your infrastructure?
  • Are administrators, moderators and developers volunteers or paid for?
  • What are its financial sources? (e.g.: donations, academia, state or private funding, subsidies, corporate sponsor, conferences etc. Read more funding models here:
  • How can you ensure that you have enough resources, supporters, workers, volunteers, and users?
  • Is your instance collectively owned and controlled by its members as a common good?
  • Is your instance using advertisements?
  • How big do you want your instance to be? (user count: < 100, < 500, <1000, <10000)
  • Can users sign up for your instance for free or is it paid? If paid, is it affordable?

Presentation Form

  • Copy paste the form below and fill it in with your group (work in the pad)
Name of the instance:
Scale: (pick one)  less than 100 ; less than 500; less than 1000; less 10 000
Interface: (Design a draft of your interface, style, colors etc. You can go as far as you like, intervene in existing interfaces if you don't want to start from scratch)
Code of Conduct? Yes/No (If yes, optionally you can spend some time drafting one)
Highlights of your discussion:

e.g. of a presentation form

Group: Artemis+Lídia+Manetta
Name of the instance: Señora Coconut
Software: PeerTube
Theme/Topic: Music made with coconuts
Scale:   less than 100
Code of Conduct? Yes
  • Present your proposal to the group.
  • Questions and discussion!

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