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Methods for Togetherness

Annotate and unpack the email snippet, with questions, comments, short anecdotes of situations that your reminded of, ...

We will depart from the (in my opinion) most radical potential of FLOSS culture for the field of design: collective practices.

After having explored all sorts of different fields in the last months (including artistic-, computational- and activist practices), we will now put our situated knowledge sunglasses on (to quote Donna Haraway* and stay close to the context that we're in: design departments of an art school. If we stay close to the field of design and borrow a few drops of radicalism from the FLOSS universe, a couple of questions to chew on can be formulated:

How can we imagine a design field beyond the frameworks of individual portfolio's, entrepreneur-ism and competition?

How can we instead imagine different ways of working, ones that are not rooted in individualism but instead based on collective frameworks? How would that work?

What forms of collectivity/togetherness/clustering/... can we fantasize about? And what methods can we work with?

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Can I stop “evil people” from using my program?, Open Source Initiative (2020)
Tiny Basic, All Wrongs Reserved
Situationist Internationale, 1959
COPY-IT-RIGHT, Phil Morton
a Xerox Mark, Radical Software 1973
Fluxus Ben Vautier
Write a license with a specific "we" in mind. This "we" could be a group that you're part of or an imaginative form of togetherness, that's up to you. Publish your license on the wiki and feel free to add image/video material, CSS styling, etc! Include the Category:Licenses tag into the page. You can work individually or in a group.


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Ethics & Licenses

Video: The Rising Ethical Storm In Open Source – Coraline Ada Ehmke – CopyleftConf 2020


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Proto-Free Culture license statements (examples)

(From Sandbox Culture, Aymeric Mansoux)

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* Situated Knowledges, by Donna Haraway (1988)

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