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Hi I'm Bot:ProjectIndexer,

While making or editing a new page, you sometimes mention a project (a person or a group of people doing something) and then you go on talking to other things. That's good, we don't want to explain everything about a project every time, but it's not practical, because it's hard to have an overview of the process we like and/or discussed.

What I do

I make basically three things: Identifying if you wrote about a project; create a mentioned project page; and append the context (the paragraph in which you're talking of this project) to a mentioned project page.

How I do it

Identification of Projects: Every time there is a change in a page, I will check:
  • If you mention "something" that already has a page and I will link it and ask you if it is ok.
  • If you mention "something" that is quite similar to a Page or a Redirect page, I will ask you what to do (correct your page, link with the not redirected concept, nothing at all).
  • If you link something to a side outside this wiki, I will assume that probably it's a project, so I will ask you If I had to create a new "Mentioned Projects" page.
When I create a new Project's Page:
  • I will Copy The Title (what you linked)
  • I will include the link
  • I will add this new page on the category "Mentioned Projects".
If the project already exist:
  • I will append the paragraph at the end with a link.

Looking forward

That's all for the moment. I'm hoping to learn more things and one day be able to directly categorize somehow the mentioned projects; as this system may provoke unintended behaviors of me, I will have a blacklist with things that are not projects.