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Mediawiki software

During this seminar we will use this wiki as a online collective writing space, to store the research, work-in-progress and materials that will emerge in the coming months.

We use a specific type of wiki software, called Mediawiki: a tool for collaborative reading, writing & sharing. As we will work around the subject of open source tools and culture, this wiki serves as a hands-on experience of creating and documenting research, discussions and projects in a collective manner.

Note to ourselves: this wiki should keep space for organized confusion :D, trial and error, ...

Also: Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man. (Henry Adams)

an in-progress-progress

Mediawiki is mostly known for its use on Wikipedia, but the software is also used for many more projects. The software is maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation.


Short history

People discovered that they can create something with other people, that they don't even know.
But they come to trust and they make something that surprises them in terms of its value.

The first wiki was create in 1995 by Ward Cunningham, and it was called Wiki Wiki Web.

For Cunningham wiki's are about speed, easiness and collaborative forms of writing and publishing on the Web.

The word wiki comes from Hawaii, where it means quick. A short wiki history, on Cunningham's first wiki platform can be readed here.

Further reading:

Example wiki's

Consequently wiki's have been used extensively as environments for online collaboration. Examples of this are:

Educational examples:


This server is hosted on a small VPS (virtual private server) in Germany, through https://www.ovh.nl/.

This wiki is installed and configured by Manetta Berends. When you have questions about the appropriateness or the functioning of this website, please send an email to mail(@)manettaberends.nl.


The setting up and maintainance of this wiki relies heavily on learning moments and experiences with the Media Design wiki, Beyond Social and the GDA wiki.

In terms of citation, parts of this page are based on the Mediawiki page on Beyond Social.